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2015.05.17 11:04

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Missing Language bar

1. Language Bar - Hide or Show

Open Control Panel
Regional and Language
Click the Change keyboards... button
Click on the Language Bar tab
Select Floating on Desktop or Docked in the taskbar

2. Right-click on the taskbar>toolbar>check if the "language bar" is selected.
If no result, restart your system! Reboot helps to solve a lot of minor issues.

3. Go to the page of language bar setting (see ztrukr's post above) and try to remove any second language there.
Try also to check/uncheck the following: Hide bar/Flotting bar/docking bar and observe if this will result in any change.

4. After you have tried all of the above, without restarting your computer do the following:
In the search bar of the "Start" menu enter ctfmon.exe and press Enter.
Than simply run it by clicking on this file. No PC restart needed. (by svkru)

5. Wow,it works !!! Thank you very much, Svkru!!! (In this case, the No.4 worked for me,
even after everything else failed !!)

6. Another that I did not try.

How to restore the missing language bar.

Many Windows 7 users are faced with an unpleasant glitch that causes the disappearance of the language bar from the taskbar, and the standard tools of the system fail to restore the layout indicator. In this case, a minor intervention into the registry can help.

First, you need to run the "Registry Editor": in the search bar of the "Start" menu enter "regedit.exe" and press "Enter".

In the editor window that opens, you need to find the branch:

And check for the string parameter "CTFMon", the meaning of which is specified - "C:\Windows\system32\ctfmon.exe".

If this parameter is not present, it must be created: by right-clicking on the branch "Run" (folder) open the context menu, select: New → String Value, specify the name "CTFMon" given above, then by double-clicking the parameter open a window of input value, type - "C:\Windows\system32\ctfmon.exe", click OK and restart your computer.

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