This crazy Donald praised the white trash chanting ‘Send her back, send her back’ as ‘incredible patriots’.

How in the world this bastard claims these white trash/racists as incredible patriots? How dare!!! 

Fucking Republicans are now dying to praise this crazy idiot for his honesty???


Idiot Donald is now not only a national disgrace but also a global disgrace to make the country a laughing stock –

I received one sarcastic letter this morning from one of the contributors to write a few chapters in my currently editing book,

Gyozo Szolnoky of Szeged Univ, Hungary, congratulating such proud leader to make America great as a laughing stock.


What an embarrassment, I never imagined to feel for America I have been simply proud of through these many years

wherever I go! Now, this mother-fxxxer Donald made me feel so embarrassed to tell the people ‘I came from the States’!

Indeed due to the book, I have to complete to edit through the first part of the year - see the attached TOC-

I  had to put off a few travel plans in the last Spring to the latter part of this year.


So, I plan to start my Fall lecture tour a month early for this year to go to Mexico City - Oaxaca on August 15 till through 23

and then to Buenos Aires/Argentina on Sept 22 through 27 before I go to Beijing-Seoul in October.

Now, the problem is all they want to talk over the dinner will be this idiot Donald to spoil my appetite, AGAIN!!!! 


Especially, I feel so bad to such decent Mexican friends/colleagues who got insulted by this mother fxxxer through the year

so that I don't know how possibly I could ease their grievance and ask them to condone/forgive (?) this shithead.

Even during the Obama period, they did not hesitate to express their grievance to Gringo for centuries,

worse than Koreans' sentiments/anger to Japanese. Then, I don't know how they possibly conceal their ever-increasing hatred

to Gringo, of course, I mean White Trash/human garbage like Donald.


Indeed, I still feel embarrassed to get such an explosive positive reaction by my Latin American colleagues to my casual joke

to break the ice, saying " I duly delegate a new Trump-style greeting to you 'FUCK Y'ALL', from the USA"

before I delivered my keynote lecture to PanAmerican Venous Forum held at Buenos Aires two years ago.

Now I go back to Buenos Aires on this September again and worry about how they would react to this crazy Donald.


I just cannot imagine how I possibly control my anger if this mother-fxxxing Donald to get re-elected, God forbids.

God bless America!

BB Lee


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