Devil’s Advocate: Alan Dershowitz 


I am sure you all know Alan Dershowitz, former professor at Harvard Law School who became an instant celebrity as the model for ‘Paper Chase’ TV Series you all remember. Indeed, soon after I got a job at Georgetown U in 1978, this Paper Chase was started as a new series and became my favorite TV program, I enjoyed so much for years until the series was ended in late ’80.


So, I was very keenly aware of Dershowitz with admiration for decades. Indeed, he was one of the brilliant professors of Harvard Law School, my daughter and her husband, then her classmate, both learned from, and they talked about his legendary teaching technique through the class with such reputation.


Well, sadly through these many years, after he retired, he really became a Devil’s advocate as he himself claims. Indeed, through last few years, I was shocked and disgusted to watch his face on the TV interview while he vehemently defend Bastard Trump- I don’t watch Fox News but CNN and MSNBC- whenever they gave him a chance, wondering why the hell he will have to lick this mother fxxxer’s ass hole, ruining such reputation he earned.


I simply couldn’t stand to watch and listen to his arrogant comments and had to mute the sound often till he disappears from the scene with such ugly facial  expression/twitching – 씰룩 씰룩 - to make already ugly old face more uglier. More you listen, more you get disgusted – except Trump followers/white trash- and lately, I learned more about this old turkey to confirm oneself genuine ‘Devil’s Advocate’ through Epstein’s sex crime verdict at Florida.


But it was NOT all!  Alan Dershowitz was THE major highlight/topic on New Yorker magazine for this month of August!  And finally, indeed finally, I confirmed my impression/suspicion on this brilliant(?) former professor of Harvard through these many years as ‘DEVIL’ by himself.

I am sure you all enjoy the story about him on New Yorker which kept me through way after midnight. Happy Weekend!


BB Lee


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