Due to the previous webpages (by 조우석) I uploaded,

I am reporting my movie review in a hurry here:


오늘 우리 식구들하고 "기생충" 영화 보고왔는데, 생각보다 Rather stupid movie로 보였지요.

본인은 Devilish smart한 좌파, 빨갱이의 "악질 선전-선동"으로 기대했었는데 보고나니

"뭐 이런것 같고 그렇게 upset 했었나"라는 생각이 듭니다.

여러분들도 보시면 알겠지만 봉 감독이란자는 정말의 좌파, 공산주의 이념과 사상을 적절하게

효과적으로 영화에서 보여주지 못했읍니다. Well, what the hell, that was good for me (or us).


Instead of being an ideological or revolutionary bomb, it seemed to be a thrill-seeking soap opera. 
I even thought that the director may not be a leftist or communist.

He might be just an entertaining movie director or just a common Korean drama maker???
Maybe I got too upset after having seen the 조우석's "Anti-Parasite" Youtube article.
However, I still accept the idea (precaution and defense just for in case) of the "anti-Bong guy - 조우석"

I appreciated his concerns. We need more young men like him in South Korea.

I want to have as many peaceful night's sleep out of only so few nights I have in this world.

We shall never relax, complacent, or trust the leftist or communist at any time.


As I was entering the theater with my family, I was kind of uptight

but after the movie, as I was coming out into a beautiful sunny day of Colorado,

my mind was much relaxed and lighter. 하여간 I am glad I saw the movie.

It was kind of bloody at near the end of the movie but it was not too bad.

After all, I enjoyed and chewed those innocent "popcorns with butter" during the movie.

I recommend you to see it and not forget to enjoy popcorns

that may be a better part than the movie itself. Ha, ha, ha.


It is still mysterious to me why and how the movie has gotten the Academy Award.

However, it won't hurt the Korean movies in their spreading adventure into the world.

If I can find some extra time, I might write about the movie in some more details,

especially, why Bong has failed in his ideological propaganda.


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