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2020.07.25 04:34

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About two weeks ago, Dr. Lee HanJoong kindly shared such a unique topic belonging to all 'aged' people: This Stanford Scientist Can Make You Feel And Think Younger: Interview With Dr. Laura Carstensen. 




As Dr. Lee mentioned, this is a fascinating discussion on the ‘psychology of aging’ by which we all seniors can improve our insight on aging. I enjoyed it very much and further justify(?) much different perception to my own age now than before, reaching 82 this November! I am sure I would have received many different feelings with a different response if I read this same interview 20 years earlier! Too greedy? 아전인수?  An early sign of 노망 as my wife accuses?


Indeed, my wife who is only one month younger than me, reminds me of my age whenever she has a chance, teasing me 'crazy': 뻔뻔스럽다 through these many years, on every occasion of my trip scheduling - I will have to answer/accept the invitation to give a talk at least two years ahead -.


Amazingly no one, so far, told me I am too old to go around the world to share my knowledge. Courtesy?  No, I hope not! Indeed, I have been the one to remind them how old I am, as my wife always cautions me! Yes, whenever I encounter with a new group which doesn't know me well, I always thank them first to invite such old man over age 80 to give a talk and also ask them to speak louder if not speak Korean to compensate my hearing- my wife was so ashamed on my 뻔뻔스러운 behavior.


I am NOT bragging nor fooling you and to prove it, I will attach my recent interview with UIP Newsletter and the invitation letter for the meetings on Sept 2021, and also on Jan 2022, I accepted for the speech. Yes, I might die before the Year 2022 or even this year, who knows, as my wife warns.


But I don't have any other way to justify my hermit living but move on as before as nothing would happen. Indeed, I pretend to imitate my mentor, Leonel Villavicencio who died of age 92 a year ago. Leonel came all the way to Seoul to celebrate(?) my retirement from SMC/Sungkyunkwan Univ - mandatory for age 65 in Korea!- and laughingly told me, " Don't behave silly as an old 'retired' man, BB. We ain't gonna let you become an old man here at Bethesda (USUHS and new Walter Reed are located) but you will remain one of the youngest" over the luncheon with all other most senior colleagues to welcome home for me in 2004. Leonel shared his office at USUHS with me umpteen years so that I knew exactly what he would do whenever he came to the office- he stopped over twice a week till a month before he passed away-. He was such a stoic person to accept the aging with grace despite so many health/prostate-related problems. As I wrote in my epilogue of my last book for the vascular malformation- see the attachment!-, he remained as my beacon till I finished the book and never felt shame saying 'does my age bother you?'.


C'est la vie!


BB Lee


BB Lee- February-2020-UIP-Newsletter-English.pdf

Invitation to Dubai Meeting 2022.docx   

Advances and Controversies in CVM Management_Epilogue.pdf

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