2020.09.27 14:22

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Damia - Sombre Dimanche Gloomy Sunday French version.mp3 


Juliette Gréco - Bonjour Tristesse (Remastered).mp3


Juliette Gréco - Coin de rue.mp3


Juliette Gréco - Les feuilles mortes - Paroles (Lyrics).mp3


Juliette Gréco - Romance.mp3


Juliette Gréco - Sous le ciel de Paris ( 1951 ).mp3


I felt vaguely, perhaps trying not to bring to my consciousness level, these days, but deep inside my heart, I started to feel such sadness to notice so many peoples I loved dearly disappearing one after one quietly through these many years like pretending not to hurt me much. But I know my heart gets empty much faster than I wished all along whenever I should send loved one, fully aware of my turn sooner or later, and helplessly filling with such emptiness and sadness.


Recent news on Juliette Greco, my most beloved Chanson singer since my high school days, who passed away last week on age 92 brought so many memories back in my younger days and made me recognize not a single singer, indeed, remained no longer but all gone now to join to the rest deep in my memories.


Indeed, I encountered Chanson for the first time in my high school days and Juliette Greco was the first one, before Edith Piaf or Yves Montand, to make me fall in love with chanson. Especially those 5 songs Greco sang- Romance, Sous le Ciel de Paris, Coin de rue, Les Feuilles Mortes, and Bonjour Tristesse - remained my most favorite Chanson together with Damia’s Sombre Dimanche (Gloomy Sunday French version) all my life. 


I decided to put off all the works, three more reviews of the manuscripts for the journals I had to finish this week, all day today, Sunday, listening to those favorite chansons I neglected through years, especially those few, again, again, and again, with special permission by my wife and in case any who wishes to share such gloomy Sunday with old chansons, I humbly include/attach them as below to enjoy together.


Gloomy Sunday,

BB Lee

P.S. By the way, many would remember ‘Gloomy Sunday’ as a signature song for Billi Holiday but I learned this song as a chanson, sung by Damia, for the first time through a 45-rpm donut disc record I found at 동대문 시장 when I was in the first year at the high school and listened all day and all night and eventually the disc was completely worn out to replace with regular LP disc. But I didn’t know then it was more well known as ‘Suicide Song’ among Europeans and composed by a Hungarian composer.

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