Pandemic and An Octogenarian's Golf Perspective 


It looks like we are at the peak of Pandemic's wastage 

of human lives coinciding with the climax of Trump's

wanton destruction of American democracy,

with a single day of his presidency fairly matching a single day

of Pandemic's fear.

Throughout the Pandemic, golf courses have been crowded

as Americans try to forget all these happenings just for a while

hoping and praying they will get their turns for vaccination in time,

and they will see Trump go down real hard soon.

I'm lucky to have a lifetime golf partner, my wife, so that

we do our best to go out to play, anywhere from a few holes to

no more than 9 holes.

The trouble is that almost always strangers want to join us, and

those strangers are usually much younger than us, not wearing masks.

Yesterday afternoon luckily we played with a retired MD infection specialist 

who showed up with a mask on, who informed me that one player he played with

the day before came down with COVID19 today.

That guy wasn't wearing a mask, said he.

At my club, a dozen golfers or members are said to have come down with the virus.


To be honest, I find the golfing turns out to be the only effective antidote 

against Pandemic and Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump found out a similar secret, i.e.

the golf game for him is the only antidote for his oppositions

and provides him quiet time for his ingenious scheming.

No wonder he was playing golf while millions of Americans crying for help.

NYTimes said, "Nero plays fiddle. Trump plays golf."


Nevertheless to this octogenarian, playing golf has become

an essential part of the survival game in this crisis that is perpetuating 

for the longest time in our lifetimes.

No longer bad shots, bad score, or missing short putts upsets his soul.

Making one or two pars in the course of 9 holes brings to me

the greatest feeling of accomplishment, now and then.

One thing I do regularly, though, is wearing a pedometer

just to remind me to walk as much as I can instead of

sitting in my cart.

According to one latest study, a senior like me needs to walk 7500 steps a day, not 10,000,

which made me happy

because I'm lazy as I became an octogenarian 5 months ago,

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