For Website writers: How to live with Windows 10

A Solution to the "no content" error message,
And problems with abnormal display of the webpages.

I have been searching the solution for a long time. Finally, I think I got it.
I am not positively sure but I seemed to have found a solution.
I want you guys try this method and see if it really work for you.
If you encounter any problems in my instruction, let me know where you got into problem.

PS: In my extensive search in the Internet, I have not seen anyone mentioning this method of approaching from Windows 10.
My method could be "the first invention (of the solution) ever published" 
and you may be the first person to take advantage of it. 

The main problem we encounter is "no content" and display problem.
The website refuses to accept your submissions (writings).

If you get "No Content" warning when you try to submit your webpage
and the normal formatting display is broken:

In Windows 10, if you click the browser button (blue Internet Explorer" like icon),
you get MS Edge browser. This is very similar to Internt Explorer but it is not the IE that we used to use.

In MS Edge you will get the "no content" warning and you lose what you have written.
Make sure you always copy what you wrote before you attempt to submit.

In MS Edge, in the second row from the top at the right end, you see four icons.
click the "three dot icon" at the right end.
Then, in the drop down menue, near the bottom, you see "open with Internet Expolrer"
Click it, and then you get IE open.
(Ironically, this is opening Internet Explorer version 11 from inside the Edge.)

Sometimes, the "open with Internet Expolrer" is grayed out and does not respond to mouse clicking.
If that happens, you open the Internet Explorer by:
Click the start button, type "Internet Explorer" in the blank space  (or ask Cortana) at the left lower corner
in the task bar. Then "enter". Internet Explorer will open.

Instead of doing this every time, you can pin the IE icon in the start menu by right clicking the IE icon
and click "Pin to start menu" or "pin to task bar".
You will see the IE icon when you type "Internet Explorer" in the blank space.

In the IE, at the right top menu bars, click the setup icon (looking like a wheel between a star icon
and smiley face).
A drop down menu opens.
Find "Compatibility View Setting".
A small window opens: At the first blank (just below "Add this website"), type in www.snucmaa.us.
Just right of the blank, there is a square with "Add" in it. Click this.
The snucmaa.us will go into the top of the larger blank of "Websites you've added to Compatibility View:"
Below this big blank, make sure to add check marks at "Display Intra net sites in compatibility view
and Use Microsoft compatibility lists" if there are no checkmarks already.
Then you click "Close" at the right lower end. You are done.
Now, go to our website. Most likely, you will be able to write
and successfully submit your composition as a webpage.
Once you've done this process, you don't have to do it again if you use Internet Explorer 11.

Caution: This procedure has been working well in my Windows 10 computer so far.
I had written down the process and still trying before going official to the public.
However, as fickle as the Windows and PCs behave, this may not always work in your computer.
Since I was asked, I am opening my method to you, prematurely without thorough testing.

If my method with Internet Explorer (version 11) works for you, you can make a shortcut icon
on your desktop and access it easily by one click.

Make the "IE 11" shortcut as below (you may know this already):

1. Right click an empty spot on your desktop screen.
2. Then on the dropdown menu, click NEW and then SHORTCUT.
3. Another window opens. You see "Type the location of the item:"
Fill the blank with "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
(don't use the quotation marks. The jewel is the "iexplorer.exe".
I searched for it all over the windows directory in vain and eventually found the darn SOB
in the "Program Files (x86)", a totally unexpected place.)
4. Click "Next" at the bottom. Then you see "Type a name for this shortcut"
5. Type IE-11 instead of  iexplorer.exe that is suggested by the dumb Windows.
6. Then click "Finish". Now, it's done. You have the icon on your desktop !!
7. If you wanna be fancy, "click and hold" the icon and drag it to the task bar to keep it at the task bar.
If you hold on "ctrl" key while dragging, you have one icon at desktop, another at taskbar.

Written by SNUMA WM, December 30, 2015
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