Canada, Oh Canada, I cry for!!!


Yes, Canada, I adored through these many years as the most ideal place to live I dreamed of! Indeed, I always envied(?) and admired Canadians as model people so that I seriously consented to join to Montreal group to spend the rest of my career though not many years left while I was at Vancouver two years ago to give lectures to Canadian Society Meeting, if mother fucker Tramp should get reelected, God forbids!!!  


So, now we know Canada is not much different or rather worse than the U.S.; Canadians are indeed the same as Americans after all, perhaps worse than Americans so disappointingly, aren’t they in terms of racism point of view?! Amazing, simply amazing!!!


Anyhow, why the fuck, Christians took the initiative of such genocide under the roof/name of the ‘church’?  Did they really kill those children? Really? Catholic priests and nuns? What the fuck the religion should do with this evil-minded humanoid creature to kill such innocent children!  Oh, no, how it could happen?


Say Nazi might be able to rationalize the Holocaust to kill Jews as the price Jews will have to pay for Jesus they killed – though ironically Jesus himself is a Jew! -. But what is the rationale to kill these many innocent indigenous ‘children’ for, then? And this massacre by the Catholic priests and nuns? I don’t believe it. I refuse to believe it. No way they would do that!!!! I am having a heck of a hard time to swallow the fact but so ashamed as one of the Catholics on such hypocrisy under the name of God.


Indeed, when I should look back, this Canadian incidence (?) can be accepted as a kind of small fraction of the genocides mercilessly practiced throughout human history. Like so many massacres of indigent American tribes, not only in North but also throughout South as well as Central America by European migrants, it was a norm(?) then as human behavior in the 19th century, we all heard so many times.


As a matter of fact, whenever I extended my visits to South American countries to have a personal tour as a traveler after I delivered my lectures/workshops, I always curious to learn how and why all the indigenous people have become the same Christians after such massacre by Christians and felt so uneasy to understand such mercy(?) the indigent people gave to European Christians forgiving all these sins they did to them. 


My travel through South America was mostly limited to the major/ABC countries (Argentina, Brazil, and Chile) only to deliver the lectures as an honorary member of their societies so that the visit to other periphery countries was rather limited. But I was still able to see the genuine culture of their own among the indigenous people and became more and more skeptical with the original role of Catholicism involved too many genocides, either intentional or unintentional,  – do you know who spared/saved the blankets which covered the dead/dying peoples with smallpox and recycled to spread smallpox to the indigent peoples in maximum level?-.


‘Catholicism voluntarily led way for the Spanish conquistadores to follow and finished it up under the name of God’; this story I heard through numerous visits to Mexico and Central America has made even me feel resented to Christianity. But it happened way before the 19th Century and further, the last known genocide here in the U.S. territory was at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota on December 29, 1890, as I remember, supposedly the final chapters of America's long Indian wars - the U.S. Cavalry killed less than 300? Sioux Indians -. So it was over and no more in the 20th Century I thought!


But, these Canadian incidences are such the latest one, even after we moved to the U.S., making me feel wondering how they did kill these many children in such a quiet (?) way so that no one noticed, how? God knows!!!

Anyhow, after I read two books, one for Sioux tribe massacre: ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: Indian History of the American West by Dee Brown and another for Cherokee tribe’s:’ Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation by John Ehle, I convinced myself that the killing is a part of human nature after all, no matter what and still going on!!!


So, I shouldn’t be shocked with this newly discovered genocide led by Christian groups, Catholics, and Protestants, in Canada they say but no one knew till now! I am so embarrassed to say I naively believed all indigenous Americans who luckily escaped from the U.S. territory to the north, were happily settled in Canada. Happily, ever after????

Bless American Indians in Canada as well!!!!


BB Lee


P.S. While I was at Puncta Arenas, the Southern remotest corner of Chilean Patagonia, I heard of the story about such tragic end of the Selk'nam tribe, one of the last natives/indigent peoples in the Patagonian region of Argentina and Chile, who are now extinct following the massacre at Tierra del Fuego islands by migrant Europeans in the late 19th century.

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