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2008.06.08 15:10

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Country Roads - 이한중

      “ Country roads, take me home,
      to the place I belong, West Virginia ….,”
      The gray haired singer with his guitar stings my heart so deep
      I’m stunned with an aching heart.

      My sweatheart and I were sipping beer
      at a local pub, Petoskey, Northern Michigan,
      Looking out to the horizon of Lake Michigan in the twilight,
      One evening in early summer.
      Our first summer vacation this year.

      나는 어느새 내가 자라난 산골마을, “울미,” 로 달려가,
      그 시골길을, 굽이 굽이, 산골길을, 눈앞에 보며 걸어본다.
      국민학교, 중학교, 그렇게 나는 10여년을 걸었을게다.
      “할딱 고개”, 귀신 나오는 서낭당 지나는 정든 길,
      내 어찌 잊으리요.

      I was always coming home in those days.
      It was such a pure joy coming home.
      It used to be so simple and so true.
      I didn’t know then but
      Now realize it was because
      I could find all the love and more I needed
      As I was growing up.

      Then I left home for good.
      I went to Seoul,
      Went to medical school,
      Met my first and the only sweetheart,
      Then came to America.
      After I got married and had children,
      I used to say, “ I’m home no matter where,
      As long as I’m together with my sweetheart.”

      As I grew older and older,
      As my children have their own children,
      I’m still together with my first and the only sweetheart.
      We look at each other in silence and with smiles,
      We hold our hands in silence and with smiles,
      We realize in silence and with smiles
      We are coming home together.
      It is such a pure joy coming home together.
      It is because we've found the infinite love, His love, we need.
      We’ve had IT all along but
      Didn’t realize we’ve been living on IT all along.
      It is so simple and so true.
      We find IT in everything
      We touch, feel, smell, hear and see.
      We find IT in every human being
      We touch, feel, smell, hear and see.

      The gray haired country singer sings plaintively,
      “Country roads, take me home,
      to the place I belong ….,”
      This gray haired stranger, the only Asiatic man,
      in the crowded pub,
      Sipping a glass of an exotic beer, sings quietly in his heart,
      “Country roads in Korea,
      take me home, to the place I belong,
      together with my first and the only sweetheart.”

      눈앞에 생생히,
      끝없이 퍼져가는 파노라마.
      그 시골길,
      그 산골길,
      굽이 굽이, 굽이 굽이....

Country roads, take me home / John Denver

Poem by Hahn Joong Lee, Webpage by Sukjoo, June 8, 2006
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