이제 아시아의 대표는 한국이라는 애플 l 뒤늦게 파친코 내용 알고 단체 충격 먹은 일본인들 상황

어떻게 애플이 일본한테 이럴 수 있나...

Apr 4, 2022 by Peachy

피치 애플에서 파친코가 나오게 된 것에 숨은 엄청난 의미


Where to Watch ‘Pachinko’ Online

Adapted from the best-selling novel by Min Jin Lee,

the drama series follows four generations of a Korean family.


'Pachinko' on Apple+ TV


Author Min Jee Lee’s New York Times best-selling novel is debuting on the small screen. Premiering March 25, Pachinko tells the story of a Korean immigrant family across four generations as they live through war, occupation and colonialism.

Taking place from 1910 to 1989 in Korea, Japan and the U.S., the eight-episode Apple series stars Oscar-winning actress Yuh-Jung Youn as Suja (portrayed as a young girl by Yu-na Jeon and as a teen and young woman by Minha Kim), who grows up in poverty in a fishing village outside of Busan. After meeting a Japanese fish broker (Lee Minho), Suja leaves her homeland for a new life in Osaka.


Broadway actor Jin Ha plays Sunja’s grandson Solomon, a finance executive in New York who returns to Japan in hopes of brokering a land deal between a hotel and a stubborn Korean landowner. He reconnects with his grandmother and father (Soji Arai), who becomes rich by gambling on pachinko, a pinball-like Japanese arcade machine game.

Below, keep reading to find out where to watch Pachinko online.


How to Watch Pachinko Online

Pachinko is available to stream online exclusively on Apple TV+, and the first three episodes will be available immediately starting Friday, March 25. New episodes will be released weekly, and the series finale is April 29.

A subscription is required to watch Pachinko on Apple TV+, which costs $5 per month. Subscribers can watch Apple original content, including the Oscar-nominated film CODA, Emmy-winning shows such as Ted Lasso (which also won two SAG Awards for best actor and ensemble in a comedy series) and The Morning Show; and Severance, the new thriller series directed by Ben Stiller and starring Adam Scott.

New subscribers of the streaming service can sign up for a seven-day free trial.


Watch 'Pachinko' on Apple TV+

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