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2016.06.28 08:05

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How to Write a Webpage

Please try to read the whole thing. The pictures and texts both.

You open the "Freeboard and scroll down all the way to the bottom right.
You find the "Write" and click.


How the "Write Page" looks like, Below

Then the blank "Write Page" opens like below.

#1. Category: click and you will see many categories listed. Choose one that fits your writing.
#2. Write the name of the subject of your writing.
#3. Load: Click to save. But at this stage no sense of saving.
#4. The way the list of the web pages is arranged. Standard listing format.
#5. Web pages are listed in "detail" format.
#6. Web pages are listed in "icon" format.

If you are writing in HTML codes, make sure you click the "Source" button and HTML writing page will open. If you have HTML codes in your writing, you have to write at "Source" there.
Please read carefully all other notes and buttons and their functions below.

Write Space.jpgIn the big blank space (#15) above you put your writings by writing, copying, and pasting.

Below: Here is "How to insert pictures".

1. Click the "Attach" button (#11). Your file explorer opens. You go and find the pictures you want to upload. Beforehand, you should know where the pictures are.


Once you find the picture directory and the pictures, you mark them one by one (when more than one picture) by left-clicking with "Control" button pushed down. Marl all pictures you want to upload like below. They will be marked in blue color as you see below. Then you click "Open" button as below.


You will see that the pictures are in the horizontal line under the "Attach" button like below.
Mark the pictures at the blank of their left upper corner like below.
Then you click "Insert to Content" 


Now, you will see that the pictures are moved into the writing space in full sizes, like below.


When you click the "Submit" button, all pictures are in the website content space of the writing page.
You are done with pictures but you may have to add some texts to explain the pictures.


Re-editing your webpage, Below

When you are not finished, you go back to the "Write Page" by clicking "Update" button.

Write Page2.jpg
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