Mary Trump on Donald Waiting in the Mar-a-Lago Cafeteria Line


John Casey

Mary Trump

Mary Trump

I have been writing for The Advocate for three years this month, crafting an estimated two columns per week,

so there’s quite a bit of history being accumulated.

I wrote through two impeachment hearings, the Mueller investigation, and covered most every detestable thing

Donald Trump did during the last two years of his presidency and in his post-presidency.

I’ve talked to Mary Trump a couple of times, and as a psychologist, she gave me insight into the depravity

of her uncle. I also spoke to a number of gay and lesbian members of Congress about all the horrible havoc

Trump was instigating. I talked with the former president of the Log Cabin Republicans, who left the party,

fed up with all the rot Trump infused into the GOP.

There were other credible sources who helped me along the way, with the goal of always trying to shine a light

on the tyranny, bigotry, and insanity of Donald Trump. And as an aside,


I made it a point never to put the word “President” in front of his name.

I’m proud that I stuck to that because he was never really a president.


The testimony during the January 6 committee public hearings of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson

and other White House staffers about Trump’s petulant (thank you, Liz Cheney!) behavior was earth-shattering.

Or was it? Hutchinson and others finally ripped — not pulled — the curtain apart and exposed the hideous

and heinous animal that Trump is behind closed doors and otherwise. America, many said, finally saw

who the real Donald Trump was. But I don’t think that’s true.

Trump pushed the prime minister of Montenegro out of his way at a NATO summit

(he tried to push NATO out of the way too). So it should not be inconceivable that he would push

his Secret Service detail around.

Eyebrows were raised about the December 18 six-hour White House meeting with the bottom-feeders

who snuck in, namely Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn, and the former CEO of Overstock,

Patrick Byrne. But Trump’s campaign met with Russian spies in June of 2016 in Trump Tower

in the failed attempt to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. Which one is worse?...(abridged)

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