What a funny show I cannot miss!!!! I cannot help but wish to share this with you all.

I have been in and out of the country for the month of August-September to go to Mexico and also Argentina and didn’t miss much here in the U.S. while away BUT except such free shows MF Donald and his teams provide every day.


So, through this weekend I tried to catch up on all those shows I missed including SNL and Bill Maher's show. But ‘believe me’- this term is not the same meaning Idiot Donald uses, you all know well!-, ‘Rudy Giuliani Melts Down on Fox News Over Ukraine Involvement’ https://youtu.be/3-2mxd4X9Kc is THE best you will enjoy most with free, no costs. So funny, so hilarious, I love fucking FOX News, God forbid!


Believe it or not, I began to feel grateful to MF Donald in these days for such ‘once in a lifetime’ show, not once but every day for more than the last two years since 2016 as free entertainment and also possibly for another four years, God forbid. Indeed my evening, most probably through the rest of my life, is now fully booked with this idiot’s show- I used to spend the evening to watch mostly for Nature program of PBS/WETA as my kids answered to their teachers asked when they were in elementary school!- as free, and simply I can no longer spare the evening hours to watch my wife’s favorite program, ‘Commissario Montalbano’ – sadly, she had to buy the CDs to watch them alone in this days-.


So, we all should pray for this idiot; ‘long lives, MF Emperor!!!’. And of course, we ought to vote MF Donald next year like the other 39%, the white trashes, so that we could enjoy his show for another four years as free. What a bargain, buddy.


Warm regards,

BB Lee

P.S. As I promised to my colleagues here, I introduced myself to the audiences while in Mexico and also in Argentina to giving the lectures, shouting ‘Greetings from Trumpland! Fuck you All!’ to start my addressing and they loved it!

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