Yes, Governor Jay Inslee is right! The worsening wildfire throughout the Western USA is the outcome of ‘climate change’ with no doubt. We don’t need much brain to understand this simple fact we have been watching through the years with horror. It only makes me go crazy with rage to Republicans who are dying to get rid of every environmental protection policy using idiot Tramp as their pawn/puppet to push through and the 'climate change' is only one of the issues!


This bastard, Tramp, calls such disastrous climate change a ‘hoax’- amazing this idiot learned such unusual term with his shit brain -and all Republicans chant ‘hoax, hoax’ claiming the climate change is a fake news Democrats created! Is that so? Inslee responded to this mother fucker on his denial as ‘maddening’! What a nice diplomatic expression!  


So, Republicans couldn’t care less while the whole world worries such dreadful outcome of climate change! They really don’t care whole Arctic ices are literally melting away to cause the flooding all over the world? I simply cannot understand how they could ignore it even after the disaster after the disaster we see every day!!!! God knows how it could happen!


Indeed, all these Hurricanes pummeling to New Orleans through this month reminds me of my latest visit to New Orleans with such concern on the impacts of natural disasters on the city. I haven’t been at New Orleans for umpteen years till after I came back home from Seoul in 2004, but the American Society of Interventional Radiology invited me to give a talk to their annual convention held at New Orleans in April 2005; I had a chance to look around the city I missed dearly one more time with such sad memories on the trip/visit with my mentor David Hume to present at University Surgeons Convention as the last trip with him to New Orleans.


On the way back to the hotel from the Convention Center which was also a new thing to me, I decided to stop over to climb up the bank of Mississippi River very next to French Quarter I am sure you all had a chance to visit. I was really frightened to see such height of the riverbank, high enough to see the whole French Quarter down way beyond Jackson Square though I didn’t go to the highest point where the people claim to see even Lake Pontchartrain toward the north. But the first thing I definitely worried about was the flooding if the levee should fail.


Well, my concern became the reality within a half year, later; Hurricane Katrina pulverized such infamous levee system Army Corps of Engineers proudly built to prevent the flooding from the Lake Pontchartrain we all witnessed. I don’t know how much Army Corps reinforced the levees to prevent the same disaster/flooding the city by the Lake after Katrina later but I sure felt the whole area protected by such high levees look like waiting for another inevitable disaster as the price to ignore the nature. Nature always wins!


Wish whole Florida goes under the water to drown all these mother fucking Trumpists/ Republicans!


BB Lee

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