I share some of the communications with the friends in 'Eastern' Europe which went through the first wave relatively well through the year but they seem to get a hard hit this time through the second wave. Isn't it strange?  Why and how it could happen?


BB Lee




From: Győző Szolnoky <szolnokygyozo@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2020 3:55 AM
To: ByungBoong Lee <bblee38@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Helloooooooooooo

Dear BB and Marietta,

Thanks for the update! Yes, you are absolutely right, we stay on the safe side. So far there are no confinements in Hungary so life goes on normally however we confront tremendous number of infected persons and death toll is too high. 

Our kids go to prímary school every day and it is more efficient than online éducation especially for Győző Jr., who has just started his school caesar.

I keep followíng and enjoying your posts on Vasculab and they are obviously the comments of an experienced and wise man's view.

I wish you all safety and intact health!!!!

Warmest regards,



From Slovenia

From: Andrej Sikovec <sikovec@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2020 3:53 AM
To: BB Lee <bblee38@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: Voščilo

Oh dear BB and Marietta,

I thought about you several times. We overcame the first wave very quickly in two months. Then the summer started with sporadic cases then in the beginning of Oct. the real outburst with 9 hundreds positive per day. Now we are still not locked down but we expect it soon. So in my clinic we operate around the hour also on weekends in two op. room to operate on as many patients as possible.

I had one close contact with the SARS2 positive patient and I was tested negative. So so far so good.

I am happy to hear that you are both well. Be careful as much as possible. I hope that this epidemic will go away as it arrived and we will travel again and meet us again.

Best wishes to Marietta and you!


Andrej, Anne and Gaber


From Slovakia

From: Andrej Džupina <a.dzupina@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2020 4:14 AM
To: BB Lee <bblee38@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: Helloooooooo

Dear Professor,

Thank you very much for your recent access to all the priceless materials.

The second wave is spreading really fast. In fact the Bardejov district has the most new cases in the whole country in the lastest days event though it does not have the most inhabitants (https://korona.gov.sk/en/coronavirus-covid-19-in-the-slovak-republic-in-numbers/)

I think that USA has far more worse numbers but to be honest our healthcare system is more vulnerable to any mass spread disease than the one USA has. At the moment the capacities in the hospital are not full yet, but there are talks that  lot of healthcare professionals are infected and there will be a mobilization of doctors/nurses from outpatient clinics to the hospital.

SO we will see. I am still working at the National Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases  and my parents are so far O.K., but since Bardejov is the most affected so far roughly a quarter of their employees were tested positive and are at home. And a fresh news is that my father has also a symptoms starting today (38,3°C, dry cough and headache) so we very likely suppose that the infection hit us all as well.

I wish you good health to you and your family and hopefully that this state will very soon get back to normal.

Best regards,



From Poland

From: Arkadiusz Jawien <ajawien@ceti.com.pl>
Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2020 7:58 PM
To: BB Lee <bblee38@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: Helloooooooooooo

Dear BB,

how nice to hear from you my dear Friend!!!

I am happy to hear that you are doing well.

I, my wife and all family is also doing well. However, the virus is doing its job and attacking everything what is around. My Department is almost closed, because 70% of my nurses and 40% of my doctors are sick.  Last week we had to empty my Department, make a general decontamination of all patients rooms as well as doctors and nurses.

Today I have 2 first patients again and we restore our activity although we very much suffer because of lack of medical personel. So I am almost 24 hours a day on call.

I hope we will manage this situation better than before. Fortunately, family is doing well…..

We wish you and Marietta to safely complete house arrest and come back to a normal life.

All the best to you, take care and be in touch,

Arko  and Sophie




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