To use the website:
A. Just type www.snucmaa.us at the address space of the browser and click "Enter" key or "Go" arrow.
B. Then you will be landing at the new website's index page.
Use the upper horizontal menu bar to explore the various bulletin boards.

C. At the left upper section below the picture, you will find "login" site.
Click "join" and fill your personal information at the registration page.
Please follow the instruction below.
D. Any alumni member or his/her spouse creates/supplies his own "user ID and Password" !! (please make it simple, so that you can remember).

In choosing the "Name" (This is what appears at the website), you do by the following rule. This is necessary as we may be dealing with a large number of unfamiliar alumni members.

For alumni: Put your Korean name exactly same as appears in the SNU Medical Directory and add an asterisk mark (*) and the year of graduation in two digit (example: 홍길동*72, 김삿갓*86)
Any alumni member can have a nickname by requesting. The nickname is only for convenience and it's not confidential.
A nickname directory will be made and open to all members.

For alumni's spouse or family: Put your Korean name, short nickname, or your spouse's name and add a pound mark (#) and the year of graduation of your spouse in two digit (example: 홍순자#72, 김영자#86)
At registration page, please add the name of your alumni spouse at the "Self Introduction" space with relationship, so that web-manager can identify you as a family member of a known alumni member.

If you can not type Korean, use two digit name (in capital letters) and then full family name (starting with capital) in English (example: 홍길동=KDHong*72, 김삿갓=SKKim*86, 홍순자=SJHong#72, 김영자=YJKim#86)

For security reasons, the names or nicknames will not be confidential.
The web-manager has the right to reveal the true name (name and relation only, not any other personal info) of any writer.

E. Then fill your E-Mail address and other information as directed.
Once you register, webmaster will cross check your credentials from the Alumni directory and if yours matches OK, he will give you proper permission ranking within about 24 hours, so that you can "write" any comments or memos. 
Until you are approved, you can only browse but can not write. 
Instead of starting the sailing with an empty ship, the website has borrowed a lot of good pre-existing webpages from 1965 class website, so that you can browse and enjoy. By looking through these webpages, you can learn how the website is run and how interactive we can be between alumni members.

If you look through the website and the webpages, you will know what to do and you will feel what this website is about.
Further detailed instructions will be written one by one at the website.


우리 홈피는 Internet Explorer (Microsoft)를 기준으로 만들어진것으로
Firefox or other browsers와는 compatible하지않고 Login이 않될수있으며, screen에 제대로 나오지 않을 수 있읍니다.

Thank you.

SNUMA Web-manager
April 19, 2008


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