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2008.04.15 03:20

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To all SNU Medical Alumni :
Invitation to SNUMA website
April 19, 2008

1. A new SNU Medical Alumni website has been created and will be officially open from April 19, 2008 (in memory of 419 student revolt in Korea).
It's not completely done yet but it is reasonably functional and will be still "under construction" by the opening date and beyond. As a rule, a website can never be finished.

2. One of the reasons for this new website is that the current AA website is not running well, difficult to use, and is not safe from unhealthy pornographic spams. And the probability of rebuilding it safely and easily, and proper future maintenance by the current website system do not appear to be probable.

3. There are other reasons as well. The main one is:
If you look through any SNU-alumni-related websites in Korea and America, without exception, they are all too formal, business-like, ivory tower-oriented, authority chasing, and then dry as if we are reading a piece of some research paper. As fast as they come, they go dead in no time and no one visits except a very few.
This website will try very hard not to emulate such a path...

4. The web-manager/creator of this website is one of SNU Medical alumni.
He wants to be anonymous. You must respect his wish.
In case you think you know him/her, please keep it to yourself. 
The anonymity of the manager is very much necessary for the well-being of the website.

He tries to offer you a good social alumni website that can be had for nothing.
He has no condition to AA or it's members.
It's just his personal contribution to the AA and taking pleasure in trying something that has not been tried.

5. Even though we are medical graduates, our life should be about humanity, not about "medical". Let's leave the "medical" and "formal" side of us to some other alumni websites and we will embrace the "human" side of us.

6. The missions of this website are:

To get us together as a family and friends, across the vertical (age and year of graduation) and horizontal (geographic, specialty, and job status) barriers.
To reflect the human side of us.
To create and maintain an SNU Medical cyber community where we can all meet just by a few clicks at our computer.
To assist North American SNU Medical Alumni Association in passing their messages to our alumni and publish their news (Sigetop) and information (Address book) in digital forms in real time.
To be open to all medical alumni as well as their spouses and family members.
To be open to non-medical authorized and invited guests.
To be open to any languages in addition to Korean and English.

7. In case, Sigetop comes to this website, he asks one of the AA workers do the work of uploading the data as it is just too much for the web-manager to handle.

In case, the alumni directory comes to this website, he asks AA to "update" the list.
Both are intended to be a part of this website and in the planning stage.
8. The SNU Medical Alumni (SNUMA) website is on a trial basis at this point in time.

Trial and Observation will be made till December 2008.
If the responses and usage are less than expected, it will be closed in December 2008. In that case, this venture will end up as a failure but no one will lose anything.
We may wait for another time (maybe a year or two) to retry when there are enough alumni members who are interested and able to participate and utilize the website.

If the website gets good audiences and responses from SNU medical alumni,
it will be continued indefinitely. The AA or its members will not be responsible for any expenses. The maintenance can be achieved by volunteer workers among us who will be trained.

9. The website will never solicit donations, assessments, or ask for membership fees. It's free as long as this web-manager is alive.

10. For the time being in the beginning, the website will be run by a single web-manager. But, as soon as possible, the website will collect/appoint a group of alumni administrators and non-alumni technical advisors.

11. The web-manager and his managing group will have the complete control of any undesirable members, activities, and contents in the website. In determining undesirability, he or his managing group's decision is sole and final.

To use the website:
A. Just type www.snuma.net at the address space of the browser and click "Enter" key or green "Go" arrow icon in the browser.

B. Then you will be landing at the new SNUMA.NET website's index page.
Use the upper horizontal and left-side menu bar to explore the various bulletin boards and other related links.

C. At the left upper section below the picture, you will find a "login" site.
Click "Join" and fill your personal information at the membership registration page.
Please follow the instruction below.
D. Any alumni member or his/her spouse creates/supplies his own "user ID and Password" !! (The website does not give them to you. You make your own. Please make it simple, so that you can remember.)

In choosing the "Nick Name" (This is what appears as "you" at the website), you do by the following rule. This is necessary as we may be dealing with a large number of unfamiliar alumni members.

For alumni: Put your Korean name exactly same as appears in the SNU Medical Directory and add an asterisk mark (*) and the year of graduation in two digits (example: 홍길동*72, 김삿갓*86). Here, the asterisk implies alumni member.

For alumni's spouse or family: Put your Korean name, short nickname, or your spouse's name and add a pound mark (#) and the year of graduation of your spouse in two digits (example: 홍순자#72, 김영자#86). Here, the pound sign implies the member's spouse and family.
At registration page, please add the name of your alumni spouse at the "Self Introduction" space with the relationship, so that web-manager can identify you as a family member of a known alumni member.

If you can not type Korean, use two digit name (in capital letters) and then full family name (starting with capital) in English (example: 홍길동=KDHong*72, 김삿갓=SKKim*86, 홍순자=SJHong#72, 김영자=YJKim#86).

For security reasons, the names or nicknames will not be confidential.
The web-manager has the right to reveal the true name (name and relation only, not any other personal info) of any member or writer.


E. Then fill your E-Mail address and other information as directed. The E-Mail address is mandatory so that the web-manager can get in touch with members.
Once you register, the webmaster will cross check your credentials from the Alumni directory and if yours matches OK, he will give you proper permission ranking within about 24 hours, so that you can "write" any comments or memos and enter all boards. 
Until you are approved, you can only browse. 
Instead of starting the sailing with an empty ship, the website has borrowed a lot of good pre-existing web pages from 1965 class-website and snucmaa.us website, so that you can browse and enjoy. By looking through these web pages, you can learn how the website is run and how interactive we can be between alumni members.

If you look through the website and the web pages, you will know what to do and you will feel what this website is about.
Further detailed instructions will be written one by one at the website.

Thank you.


SNUMA Web-manager
April 19, 2008
Near Mission Viejo, California

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